What we do with all we have after we say “We believe.”

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral has long operated on a Unified Budget concept. For almost fifty years, the Cathedral has not “raised” a budget to operate the church. Instead, we have budgeted what our parishioners have given the church each year. Our budget is “unified” meaning that gifts to the church are allocated by the Vestry to the various ministries and needs as contrasted with individuals supporting a particular ministry or program directly.


You may also make contributions by mailing a check to:
St Andrews Cathedral
PO Box 1366
Jackson, MS  39215

What Is A Pledge?

A Pledge is your best estimate of what you plan to give the church throughout the year. Your pledge can be stated in weekly, monthly or annual increments. We realize that there may be times during the year when unexpected personal financial burdens arise, or perhaps an unexpected windfall is gained. Perhaps the parish has meant something extraordinary this year to you or those whom you love. Because your pledge is not a legal or binding commitment, at these times you should feel free to adjust your payment schedule as needed, by delaying, reducing, accelerating or even increasing your pledge.

Why Should I Pledge Rather Than Give Money in the Offering Plate?

Pledging is our way (one way) of giving back to God. It should be one of the most natural reactions to the love of God (Grace) realized in your life. Contributions in the Sunday plate, although very much appreciated, do not help our lay and clergy leadership plan the coming year based on knowing what income will be regularly contributed to support our anticipated expenses.

What Is An Appropriate Pledge Amount?

The Biblical tithe is 10%. Whether you are a lifelong member of St. Andrew’s, a relatively new member or a newcomer, your pledge will help fund our mission and ministries for the coming year. Each of us must decide for ourselves what to give. Think about how important your faith is to you. Think about your response to God’s abundance. How do you value your faith, this parish, this congregation, the caring we provide to one another and to a hurting world just beyond our doors? Think about proportional giving as a way of balancing one’s support of the church with life’s demands.

Annual Giving Process

Each month, we will send you four or five envelopes (depending on the number of weeks in that month). What we ask is that you fill out the information on the front and drop it in the offering plate during worship. You can also mail them to the office in care of our Business Administrator, Tom Williams (put email link here). You may also make your gift online or pre-pay annually, quarterly or monthly.