The Enneagram at St. Andrew's

The Enneagram is an ancient spiritual tool that identifies nine different ways of seeing the world. The Enneagram not only offers opportunities for increased self-awareness, it is a helpful tool for compassion towards others and towards ourselves. This workshop will briefly cover each of the nine types before delving into material for deeper growth in Enneagram work. We will focus on “Stances” in the Enneagram. Each Enneagram type belongs to one of three stances, and stances are organized around the theory that there are three main centers of intelligence—thinking, feeling, and doing.

While we all possess and use each of these modes of intelligence, we rely on one more than the others and tend to ignore or underutilize one more than the others. This imbalance shapes how we respond to those around us and to daily life. Becoming aware of this imbalance and practicing using the center of intelligence with which we are least comfortable is one of the richest areas for growth in Enneagram work. It can deepen and enrich our relationships, improve our work lives, and help with periods of feeling “stuck.”

First Wednesday, 5:30p.m. – 7:00p.m.: The Upper RoomPrimarily a tool for self-understanding and spiritual growth, a study of the Enneagram invariably gives us a great compassion for ourselves, and for others. On the first Wednesday of the month, a group gathers to explore the nine-personality types explained in this ancient spiritual wisdom. All are welcome to join them in the Upper Room from 5:30p.m. – 7:00p.m. For more information email