Cathedrals Get Out The Vote

St. Andrew's Episcopal Cathedral, along with other cathedrals across the US, is committed to providing non-partisan information to members about voting rights, voter registration, and other information necessary for citizens to be able to fully participate in the political process.

Since some counties have purged their voting lists in recent years, if you have not voted in a recent election, it is important to confirm that you are listed as an eligible voter.  If you have moved, it is important that you are registered to vote at your current address

You can confirm your registration at, scroll down a little and fill in your information.

Some facts for all locations:

  • You must be registered 30 days prior to an election (for the General Election on November 3, 2020, that means you must be registered prior to October 3rd, 2020).
  • The deadline for absentee voting is noon on the Saturday before the election (for the November 3, 2020 election, that date would be Saturday, October 31, 2020). The Circuit Clerks' offices are open on that day.
  • Absentee balloting begins 45 days prior to the election. 
  • In Mississippi, you may be eligible to vote absentee based on age, health, work demands, or temporary relocation for educational purposes or affiliation with the United States Armed Forces.  Call your Circuit Clerk's office to find out if you are eligible to vote absentee.

Here are links and contact information that can provide you with information for the State of Mississippi and Hinds, Madison, and Rankin counties.

MS Secretary of State's office - Secretary of State Michael Watson

Heber Ladner Building - corner of Mississippi and Congress Streets, Jackson, MS
Assistant Secretary of State - Elections Division: (Ms.) Hawley Robertson

Hinds County Circuit Clerk - Zach Wallace
 (click on Elected Offices, and then Circuit Clerk)

407 East Pascagoula Street, Jackson, MS

Madison County Circuit Clerk - Anita Wray (click on Elected Offices, and then Circuit Clerk)

128 West North Street, Canton, MS

Rankin County Circuit Clerk - Becky Boyd (click on Officials, and then Circuit Clerk)

215 East Government Street, Brandon, MS
601-825-1466 (Ass't.: 601-825-1465)

Your voice is important! Every vote counts. Many people have sacrificed for all of us to have the right to vote - honor them by voting.