March 28, 2018

Focus Group Signups

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March 28, 2018

We need parishioners comments!

We want to hear from you!

As the St. Andrew’s family prepares to call a new Dean for our Cathedral, all parishioners are invited to contribute thoughts and stories to help the Profile Committee convey an accurate and robust narrative of our life together for prospective candidates. 

The Profile committee is very interested in receiving your recollections and photographs—past and present, as well as your ideas, desires, and expectations for the future.  All perspectives are valued and needed for the story to be complete.  

You may choose one or more opportunities from the following options:

  • Use this form to respond to a few questions and/or to offer other comments and suggestions (see other side).

  • Complete a Pew Card (different from the Visitor’s Card), including comments on the blank side. Either of these can be placed in the offering plate or dropped in the Comment Box located in the Rotunda.

  • Respond to a series of questions posted on the Profile Committee’s banners located on the bulletin board and the wall next to the stairs in the Parish Hall, and in the Youth Space.

  • Post a question on-line by using the questions to the right of this message OR send us an e-mail at

  • Sign-up for a Focus Group being hosted in parishioners’ homes between April 24th and May 4th. Sign-up sheets will be in St. Francis’ Hall on Easter and in the Rotunda on subsequent Sundays.

  • Respond to the on-line survey which will go live on April 20th. A weblink will be forthcoming; print copies will also be made available.

  • Participate in the Sunday Morning Focus Groups to be hosted during coffee hour on April 29th.

  • Participate in a Pot Luck Supper Art Night and view the Profile Players’ Comedic Sketch to be announced mid-Spring

Only the Profile Committee will see your comments.  Although we may excerpt quotes for use in the Parish Profile, these will not be attributed to a particular person.  Adding your name is optional, unless you are volunteering to host a focus group or would like for us to follow up with you individually.  In those cases, please include a good contact number or email address.

Thank you for your participation!

The Profile Committee:  Elizabeth Bush, Kelly Butler, Noel Didla, Nan Graves Goodman, Hinky Henderson, Bill Nation, Sarah Stripp

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March 21, 2018

We need parishioners comments!

The Profile Committee met on March 21 and will meet again each Monday night for several weeks. Parishioners, we need your comments! Many opportunities exist for involvement in creating a profile for the next Cathedral dean:

  • Answer new questions appearing each week on the banner displayed on the wall opposite the kitchen near the stairway.
  • Enter comments on the St. Andrew’s Facebook page: The link to the online form is pinned at the top of the page. There are several sections, so find the Section labeled “Posts” which should show up at the very top of the post section and then enter your comments.
  • Sign up's will be available soon for focus groups that will be held in parishioners’ homes.
  • A comment box will be placed in the Rotunda soon, as well, for parishioners to place handwritten comments.

March 9, 2018

Update from the Profile Committee

As the Profile Committee begins its work discerning what qualities and characteristics we hope to see in our new Dean, members of the Cathedral are invited to participate with the Profile Committee in sharing their hopes for the Cathedral moving forward. During the first phase of the process, parishioners will be invited to reflect on and respond to a series of questions that will be posted by the Profile Committee in three formats:

  • Writing an answer on the response wall located in the Parish Hall

  • Writing a response on a designated note card found in the pews. These can be dropped in the offering plate on Sunday morning.

  • Responding digitally through an online form. The link can also be found on the St. Andrew's Facebook page.
The first prompt we are asking members to respond to is describe the qualities you hope to see in a new Dean. Please take some time to reflect and respond in whichever way you are able.

February 20, 2018

The Search for a Dean

With the appointment of a Profile Committee, it is now possible to publish a timeline for the process leading to the election of the next Dean of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral. Here is a graphic that provides a summary of the process with the mileposts along the way. By clicking on the image, you can open a full size document that may be downloaded and printed.

The major steps in the process are:
Appointment of Profile Committee
The Profile Committee will guide the Cathedral through self-examination and study to gather data about the parish and the surrounding community. They will then study and analyze the data and prepare a Parish Profile, which accurately and honestly describes the parish, its strengths and weakness, opportunities and challenges.
Appointment of Search Committee
The Search Committee will receive applications from qualified Priests. After review of applications, appropriate reference and background checks will take place, followed by video interviews of those whose vocational profile best matches the Cathedral’s profile. Further interviews and face-to-face visits with the candidates deemed to be the best matches will be conducted. Finally, the Search Committee will meet with the Vestry to present their recommendations for finalists. The Vestry will complete the search with final interviews and visits.

Appointment of Transition Committee
The Transition Committee will make plans for the Interim Dean’s departure and the arrival of the new Dean. They will arrange for farewell and welcome receptions, assist with moving, make appropriate introductions, and whatever is necessary to ensure a generous welcome for the new Dean and family.
Election & Call of a Dean
After interviews, visits, and a period of prayerful discernment, the vestry will meet in the context of worship to elect a Dean. Following the election, the Bishop calls the new Dean. When the details establishing the pastoral relationship are completed, announcements are made at the church the Dean-elect is leaving, then at St. Andrew’s Cathedral.
Farewell to the Interim Dean
Shortly before the arrival of the new Dean, appropriate time is taken to bid farewell to the Interim Dean.
Welcome of Dean & Celebration of New Ministry
The new Dean and family relocate to Jackson. The Transition Committee ensures a generous welcome, arranges introductions and receptions, and organizes a Celebration of a New Ministry.

February 19, 2018

Vestry Appoints Profile Committee

The Vestry has appointed a seven-member Profile Committee to gather the data and develop the profile that will be used in the search for a Dean. After meeting with Canon Paul Stephens, who reviewed the expectations, resources, and timeline for the process leading to the election of the next Dean, the Vestry decided that the committee would be made up of seven people representative of a cross section of the Cathedral community and who possess a variety of gifts and graces that will be necessary in listening, analyzing, writing, illustrating, and publishing the profile. Fifty-two persons were considered, half of which were suggested in response to the invitation for input from the Cathedral community. From those fifty-two, twenty-one were on the final list from which the seven were chosen.

The members of the Profile Committee are:


Elizabeth Bush


Kelly Butler

Image Image

Noel Didla


Nan Goodman


Henderson Hall


Bill Nation


Sarah Stripp


In the invitation for suggestions of names to be considered, we included a description of the work of the Profile Committee and a description of some of the gifts and graces the Vestry would be looking for in the membership. CLICK HERE to read those descriptions.

The Profile Committee will have its initial meeting on Saturday, February 24. At that meeting, Canon Stephens will provide training, a convener will be chosen, and a meeting schedule will be established.

A special email address has been created, which you may use to communicate with the committee:

Thanks to these faithful members for answering the call to serve. Please remember them in your prayers and be prepared to participate in the survey and conversations they will soon host. Their goal will be to have gathered the necessary information by the end of May so that the finished and approved profile can be made public by late summer. Your attention and participation will help the committee accomplish their mission on schedule.

February 1, 2018

Profile Committee Recommendations

We are pleased to announce that Bishop Seage has authorized the Vestry to appoint a Profile Committee in anticipation of the Search for a Dean. Your suggestions for members of that committee will help the Vestry discern the right people for the task. Here is a brief description of the work of the committee and the qualifications we will be looking for among the potential members.

The Work of the Profile Committee

Using a variety of tools (including, for instance, surveys, focus groups, archival work, and demographic data), the Profile Committee will guide the Cathedral through a comprehensive and wide-ranging self-examination and study so that data about the parish and the surrounding community might be gathered.

The Profile Committee will then study and analyze the data, and prepare a Parish Profile which accurately and honestly describes the parish, its strengths and weakness, opportunities and challenges. The Profile, along with the Episcopal Church Office for Transition Ministry Parish Profile and Episcopal News Service Featured Job Posting, both of which will also be prepared by the Profile Committee, will be used to share information about the parish with prospective candidates.

As the Cathedral looks to the future, the focus of the Profile Committee’s work should be on describing “who the Cathedral is,” and “where it is headed,” identifying gifts and graces that the parish needs a newly called priest to possess as it prepares to enter in the next chapter of its existence, and what the parish and community have to offer the new Dean and her/his family.

Membership on the Profile Committee

Individuals possessing a variety of gifts, experience and talents are needed for the Profile Committee to successfully and timely complete its work. Those gifts include but are not limited to:

  • Strong process and organization skills – these will help the Committee keep its work moving forward.
  • Listening and communication skills – these will allow parishioners’ descriptions of their hopes and dreams to be heard, and then distilled into a coherent chorus.
  • Strong research backgrounds – these will assist in developing survey questions, and gathering and analyzing data.
  • Writing and editing experience – an essential part of the Committee’s work will be to craft and produce the Parish Profile, the Episcopal Office for Transition Ministry Parish Profile and Episcopal News Service Announcement.
  • Skills in photography, technology, graphic design, and visual media – creativity, color, and imagination will help tell the story of the Cathedral.

Most importantly, members of the Profile Committee should be dedicated to and focused upon this work, be team players and collaborators, and be responsible and accountable to other Committee members. The Committee will begin its work in March and should conclude its work by early August.

After prayerful consideration of the work of the committee and the qualifications of its members, if you or someone you know may feel called to serve on the Profile Committee, please notify us (confidentially) by using the email address below.

Thank you for your interest and for your continuing prayers as we enter the next stage of transition.


Charles Johnson


Joe Surkin