Annual Meeting

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Annual Meeting
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Call to Order     Dean Pogue

Prayer for Guidance and Prayer for the     Dean Search Canon Deaton ..... p. 9

Reading of the Necrology     Canon Deaton ..... p. 8

Minutes From Last Years Annual Meeting     David F. Allen ..... p. 3 - 5

Report of the Nominating Committee     Jack Allin

Instructions From the Election Committee     Margaret McLarty ..... p. 9

First Ballot

Report of the Treasurer     Justin Croft ..... p. 14 - 15

Report of the Investment Committee     Frank Duke ..... p. 16

Report of the Endowment Committee     Kenny Parker ..... p. 17

Report of the Dean Search Committee     Carol Penick

Junior Warden’s Report     Joe Surkin

Senior Warden’s Report     Charles G. Johnson

Report of the Election Committee/Additional Ballots if Needed     Margaret McLarty

Interim Dean’s Report     Dean Pogue ..... p. 18 - 19

Recognition of Outgoing Officers     Dean Pogue

Commissioning of New Officers Dean Pogue ..... p. 20

Blessing and Dismissal Canon Bradshaw

Adjourn Dean Pogue

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