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Journey Series: You Are the Beloved

November 4th

How does God see me? How does God feel about me? Who does God say that I am?

Who do I think God is? Who do I say that God is? How do I see and feel about God?

Where is God in relation to me? Where is God when I am suffering? Where is God when I am making mistakes and hurting myself and other people with my meanness, envy, greediness, stinginess, bullying, one-up-manship, etc.?

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral invites you to explore “your belovedness” during our Journey Series on Saturday, November 4, 2017, with the Rev. Lynnsay Buehler.

The Reverend Lynnsay Buehler, an Episcopal Priest, is the spiritual director of The Julian of Norwich Center in Atlanta, Georgia. A graduate of Duke University and Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Lynnsay received her training in spiritual direction and various practices of prayer at The Jesus Center of Atlanta. She received training in Centering Prayer at Green Bough House of Prayer. Lynnsay has additional training in pastoral counseling, as well as marriage and family therapy, from Georgia Baptist Medical Center. Since 1988, she has served as a Spiritual Director and as a mentor with Education for Ministry (EfM). She is an Associate of Green Bough House of Prayer, a Member of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, and a member of Spiritual Directors International.

The Julian of Norwich Center
The mission of the Julian of Norwich Center is to offer a space to grow more deeply in relationship with God. The Center provides spiritual direction to individuals and groups, teaching contemplative prayer and the stages of the spiritual journey.

A Spiritual Journey with a Companion
A spiritual director does not actually “direct” your journey but helps you recognize God’s invitation to move closer to God. The director’s role is to listen and watch with you to help you identify, honor and grow in trust of the particular way in which you experience God. A spiritual director is a companion on your journey with God, as you grow in learning to discern the gifts, invitations and graces that God is offering you. The director accompanies you as your eyes open more and more to see God’s movement in your life and in Creation.