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It’s the Season of Epiphany. During this time of year, we remember some of the ways Jesus manifested himself as the Messiah. Among those ways was the calling of his followers, equipping them, and sending them forth into the mission field to proclaim the gospel and transform lives. At our Cathedral, the window depicting the Calling of St. Andrew reminds us of this every time we see it.
What better time of year to consider our own call to be Christ’s followers? In what ways have we served him? How are we serving him now? Is there some new way of serving him we are willing to explore in the year ahead?
With the help of our staff and others, I have developed a survey to help us in this process of examining our discipleship. The best way to participate in the survey is to do it online here.
We’re calling the survey, “I Will, With God’s Help.” You will recognize those words from the Baptismal Covenant. The survey offers you an opportunity to make a fresh commitment to continue to serve in ways you have been serving, to begin serving in some new ways you’ve already discerned, and to explore a field of service that you might begin once you know more about it.
Please join me at the Dean’s Forum this Sunday, February 4, 2018, to learn more about “I Will, With God’s Help.” We will also have hard copies of the survey, and two computer kiosks available for you to complete the survey online. 

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