Adult Formation

Adult Theological Study & Reflection


11:00a.m. I Daily Fare: Recipes for Spiritual Practices
*First Sunday of the Month
* Zoom Gathering on the Third Sunday of the Month 2:00p.m. - 3:00p.m.
Our Episcopal tradition is rooted in common prayer, the experience of praying in community even when we aren't able to gather for corporate worship. A life of prayer, however, is lived not only in a little red prayerbook but in countless other practices that help us pay attention to the presence of God within us and all around us by engaging our senses, stilling our minds, inviting our imaginations, and sometimes using our bodies to lead us into that sacred presence. Praying the daily office, working in a garden, practicing center prayer, or building something from wood are but a few examples of ways we can connect with the holy. 

The Rev. Canon Jennifer Deaton and Susan Nix will present different spiritual practices in a video released on the first Sunday of each month; those who wish to explore the practices further are welcome to participate in a Zoom gathering on the third Sunday of the month from 2:00-3:00 pm.  Click on this link to watch the presentations. For information about the Zoom gathering, please contact Jennifer at



5:30p.m. – 6:30p.m. I Shelter in Prayer: Increasing our Capacity for Compassion
Offering this time together in a small group to pray, share, be together.  Discussion spent on sharing life-giving bits that we have found in photos, poetry, song, word and spirit. Limit 12 people.  Meeting in St. Julian’s Chapel (Zoom) Mondays at 5:30pm.

Email Anne Maxwell at with questions or to sign up.


12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m. I Lunch Bunch Bible Study
Led by the Rev. Canon Katie Bradshaw, a lively group of folks gather each Wednesday to study the Bible and discuss the implications of scripture in our daily life. This fall, we are going to study some of the Gnostic Gospels, and parts of the Apocrypha. All are welcome to join.

Meeting in St. Julian’s Chapel (Zoom) at this link. For more information, contact Katie at

6:00p.m. – 7:00p.m. I The Women’s Book Study
All women are welcome to gather by Zoom on Wednesday evenings, beginning September 9, from 6:00-7:00 pm for our weekly book study. Our first book this fall is The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan - copies are available at Lemuria, and if you mention our book study you'll receive a 10% discount.

Other titles we plan to read this year include The Book of Longings, by Sue Monk Kidd; The Dutch House, by Ann Patchett; American Dirt, by Jeanine Cummins; Out of Africa, by Isak Dinesen; and Holy Envy, by Barbara Brown Taylor. For more information, contact Jennifer at

Join us in St. Julian’s Chapel (Zoom) at this link.
Meeting ID: 943 4100 9151
Passcode: 767446

6:00p.m. - 7:30p.m. I Brave Conversations I Four-Week Course
Discussions led by Anne Maxwell and Katie Bradshaw

Did you know that there are four “breastplates” of faith and belief? Four anchors which help us grow into the maturity of our Christian life – material pieces of religion (altars, crosses, buildings, pews); symbolic elements of belief (sermons, hymns); wholly relational (a time of discerning with others); unity with God (recognizing that you are a child of God). During the last eight months, the impermance of the first two breastplates has become evident. They are ever changing. In fact, some would say that the church had become such an expert on the first two breastplates that it had forgotten to cultivate the practice of the second two. While we may mourn our building, our pew, our hymns, we have also been given an opportunity to foster the second two breastplates both individually and communally.

And yet, we are living in such a polarized and divisive political climate, we may not be willing to “lean into” whole relationships, or to recognize that we are each labeled, first, a child of God. In the eyes of God, any “label” the world gives us is always secondary. It is from that position that we enter into the holy conversations which lead to “whole relationships.” It is to these holy conversations (Brave Conversations) that we invite you.

On November 4th, we will begin by identifying our own particular theological lens through which we view the world – or, how we understand the world through our faith. None of these viewpoints are good or bad. None of them are better or best. None of them are liberal or conservative. Each viewpoint is predicated on how we relate the past to the present, and what we are willing to consider when we make a decision on an issue.

Our viewpoints are born out of our stories. A Holy conversation is learning to listen to the story (viewpoint) of another and allowing it to touch a place within ourselves. It is not about changing one’s mind, it is about “knowing” each other. Knowing and being known matter. For, the vibrancy of a faith community can be measured by the degree to which members are known and know each other. Holy conversations are what keep us vibrant, effective, and growing. Come and join us.

This group meets in St. Julian’s Chapel November 4, 11, 18, and 25.

Join us in St. Julian's Chapel at this link.


9:00a.m. - 11:00a.m. I Education for Ministry

Education for Ministry (EfM) invites participants into small, mentored groups that provide the framework for understanding life and shaping actions as Christian faith is deepened. EfM seminar groups meet in local settings and online, and provide a four-year curriculum that develops a theologically informed, reflective, and articulate laity. This group is mentored by The Rev. Canon Katie Bradshaw and Tom Williams. Currently, there are a few spots open for the fall. Please contact Katie at for more information.


12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m. I The Friday Buffet
Kick your weekend off with some fun and a little bit of theology. The Rev. Canon Katie Bradshaw will lead us in a smorgasbord of topics. In September, we will study music and theology. In particular, we will listen to songs from Dolly Parton, The Dave Rawlings Band, Mumford and Sons, The Beatles, Van Morrison, and any other group she may be in the mood for that day. We will meet in St. Julian’s Chapel (Zoom) at this link. For more information, please contact Katie at

3:00p.m. – 5:00p.m. I St. Clare’s Common Threads
Sit and stitch on Zoom with knitters, needlepointers, rug hookers, and others who create with needles and thread. Enjoy good fellowship, learn new techniques and patterns, and share stories of and prayers for those for whom you are stitching. Special projects include prayer shawls, blankets for newborns, and hats and scarves for guests at our Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club. For more information, please contact Jennifer at

Join us in St. Julian's Chapel (Zoom) at this link.
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